Product Care 

The materials used to assemble PLASTICLOVE clothing are of high quality and I want you to know how to take care of them properly.


Products that require customer care will have specific labels attached to the inside of the product. You will be able to check these once you have received your orders for a wider range of instructions on how to care for your product.

All "custom" pieces will come with extra information depending on the methods used to create the piece. You will always be instructed on how to best care for your PLASTICLOVE product. This will help you to maintain and care properly for your items.

Washing Products

Please only cold wash PLASTICLOVE products. This will minimise colour fade and reduce crinkles in garments. Using a cold wash will provide maximum care.

Drying Products

Please do not tumble dry any PLASTICLOVE products. Please hang dry.

This will help to maintain shapes in the product, reduce crinkles, shrinkage and better protect items overall.